Why LinkedIn Essential for Any Business Owner

Every business needs a way to express and build a brand image that is identified and acknowledged by all. These days the World Wide Web has presented an excellent platform for the entrepreneurs to make their presence felt, and LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most effective business-oriented tools where you get to establish the […]

Social Media and why is it important to any business.

Why going social is important for any business. When the internet wasn’t popular like it is today, marketing was done in the most traditional of ways. From printing pamphlets and brochures, travelling to faraway places, communicating through letters and invitations, and using either the television or newspaper to advertise whatever it is you need to […]

Spending too long on social media? Social Pilot will change all that

These days it’s next to impossible to run a business, whether offline or online without proper social media marketing. Insert the world of social media scheduling. There are many scheduling apps out on the market now, but it’s hard to choose one that does your work and saves you a time and money in the long run. Social […]

Google advertising vs Facebook advertising – round two

We introduced you to the Red Corner last time, and talked about the pros and cons of Google AdWords. Paying for popular words, or the less popular words, which wouldn’t cost as much but might not get you the same reach. This week we are introducing you to the Blue Corner in this stoush of Online/Social […]

Google advertising Vs Facebook advertising – round one

In the Red Corner we have Google AdWords. A veteran of online advertising, it is often the first kind of advertising people think about when it comes to social media. Built by the people who have turned a search engine name into the standard verb for searching for ANYTHING online, every time you use Google, […]