Five reasons why you need to implement a remarketing strategy

Marketers know that customers need on average between three to six touch points with a brand before they decide to make a purchase. Forget you are a running a business for a moment, think about the last time you purchased a product how much research and convincing did you need before making that purchase? Did […]

Essential Marketing Tools 2016

If ever you are in need to promote your business to sell your goods or product, you have to find ways and techniques to ensure that your advertisements will be effective.  These techniques are collectively known as digital marketing tools.

Social Media and why is it important to any business.

Why going social is important for any business. When the internet wasn’t popular like it is today, marketing was done in the most traditional of ways. From printing pamphlets and brochures, travelling to faraway places, communicating through letters and invitations, and using either the television or newspaper to advertise whatever it is you need to […]

Why we started Digital Marketing Courses: one day is not enough

Learning is fun. You tell kids that and they look at you like you’re crazy. Tell an adult that and they might look at you with those tired eyes which say- sure, but when do I get the time? The fact is, if you don’t learn, you don’t grow, mentally, personally, or as a business. […]