Five reasons why you need to implement a remarketing strategy

Marketers know that customers need on average between three to six touch points with a brand before they decide to make a purchase. Forget you are a running a business for a moment, think about the last time you purchased a product how much research and convincing did you need before making that purchase? Did […]

Essential Marketing Tools 2016

If ever you are in need to promote your business to sell your goods or product, you have to find ways and techniques to ensure that your advertisements will be effective.  These techniques are collectively known as digital marketing tools.

Content Syndication Concerns

Content Syndication is a game only experts win. We here at Digital Marketing Courses lets you in the secrets of the craft, so you can jump right in and be an effective marketer.

How to use OneNote to save time and money

Save time and money with OneNote. OneNote is a great free resource that small and large business can easily utilise to improve their workflow processes. Chances are that OneNote can help run your business better even if it’s just by helping out with those small time consuming tasks. You know those jobs you never seem […]