In a world where the things that you have to do are piling up faster than you can deal with them, how do you cope? Do you rely on the traditional method of waking 2 hours early and going to bed late just to maximize your time? Sounds a little tiring, if you ask us. Fortunately, thousands of productivity apps are available in the market. You won’t even have to try them all, we compiled the best ones for you according to what you need.

General Management

  1. Evernote – Evernote is a note taking app that can be synced to all your devices. Imagine being in the car and suddenly an idea came up, where do you note it? What if you are browsing the internet and an article you want came up, how do you note it? Worry no more, in whatever situation you might be in that needs notes, Evernote will be your answer.
  2. IFTTT – This is an acronym for If This, Then That. This is an app that triggers an action every time “This” happens. For example, you have a recipe of IFTTT to Slack. You can set the app to send you a message in Slack (or wherever you prefer) every time you receive an email with the word “URGENT”. You are in control of the situation you want.

Project Management

  1. Collab – This is a team app that offers more than just your usual project management app. Aside from the usual features like having files, comments and all collaborations under each project, Active.Collab offers time tracking and also invoicing for the members.
  2. Trello – If you find other project management apps a little confusing, or you just don’t want to have to go to every single project just to know the status, Trello is the perfect app for you. It presents all your projects as boards with cards inside it. In one glance you will be able to see what is in progress, who is working on what, and how far along the project you are.
  3. Slack – In any team, conversations are the main key. Slack provides the best solution for that. You can create a channel (conversation) for every project that you have. You can also have private conversations with the team members you have to talk to.

Task Management

  1. Remember the milk – This task manager is like having your online secretary. You can set it to email you and remind you of all the things that you are set to do for the day.
  2. Todoist – This to do list is quite simple, you can add all outstanding tasks in the simplest way. What makes it more special is that it has a Chrome extension that can “bug” you all throughout the day.

Now that you know the best apps for productivity, all you have to do is try them and watch how your hectic schedule becomes relaxed in no time.

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We have good news for you when you have mastered control over your day to day activities. You have more time on your hands and your business is organized, you can try learning new things to improve it. How sweet is that?


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