Every business needs a way to express and build a brand image that is identified and acknowledged by all. These days the World Wide Web has presented an excellent platform for the entrepreneurs to make their presence felt, and LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most effective business-oriented tools where you get to establish the public image of your company on a global scale.

With millions of users to boast, research has shown that one in every three professionals possess a LinkedIn account and almost 50 percent of the key decision makers use this for business purposes.

Although many people view LinkedIn as something used exclusively by job hunters to improve their professional networks, LinkedIn, has much more to offer.

Below are some of the perks that, a LinkedIn account provides you with the ability to:

  • Attract top talent who can contribute significantly to your business
  • Introduce new products and services that your company has launched recently
  • Check what your competitors are up to
  • Improve your ranking in search engines
  • Grow your network and your potential supplier and customer base
  • Access to new pieces of information that are being circulated in the social media
  • Get word of mouth and gain publicity
  • Receive notifications when someone changes jobs

The above are only some of the ways in which LinkedIn benefits you.

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