Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics Services – a Helping Hand From the Pros

If you want to take your digital or internet marketing strategies to new heights, then look no further than Google Analytics.

Why does Google Analytics 5 matter?

Every business owner who has a website needs to be aware of Google Analytics 5. Google Analytics 5, provides users with analytics that helps website and business owners understand their website in terms of their website visitors.

Here are some of the ways Google Analytics 5 will help you out in improving your website’s content, user experience and conversions.

At a Glance

Google Analytics comes setup with a standard dashboard. However, Google Analytics is completely customisable, and you have the ability to create custom dashboards that show the data of most importance to you and your business.

Create Something Advanced

This is known as the Advanced Segment Feature of the Google Analytics 5. This is handy if you wish to investigate whether or not your marketing strategies are attracting traffic. You may also use this segment to inspect your website conversion rates.


Look under the visitor’s menu, and you will get a glimpse of the geographic location that your website visitors come from.

What was clicked on

You may also be interested to know which links are being clicked on. In this case, you need to go to the ‘In-Page Analytics’ under the ‘Content’ menu. This section shows you what internal links have been clicked on.

What ‘Digital Marketing Courses’ Teaches You

We deliver training services to our clients that ensure they gain the most from their digital marketing activities, including detailed videos on Google Analytics and WordPress.

We also specialise in supplying a range of products including content calendars, WordPress training manuals and much more.