Marketers know that customers need on average between three to six touch points with a brand before they decide to make a purchase.

Forget you are a running a business for a moment, think about the last time you purchased a product how much research and convincing did you need before making that purchase?

Did it take three encounters or more? The message is clear: repetition of your marketing message is essential. If you aren’t participating in remarketing, chances are your competitors are!

Remarketing is the surefire way to reach your potential customers on more than one exposure. We here at Digital Marketing Courses have prepared the 5 advantages of doing retargeting.

More brand exposure – The more exposure a potential lead is exposed to your brand, the more they trust you. Greater trust = a greater chance of them purchasing.

Better Conversion – The more exposure that your brand achieves from remarketing, results in better conversion from enquiry to sale. Remember high website traffic does not necessarily mean more sales. With the positive effect of remarketing, conversion for sales is a more achievable goal.

Effective ROI – Getting more brand exposure and conversion is a win-win, however way you look at it. This means you get your money’s worth, and you receive an efficient Return on Investment result.

Specific Targeting –  Remarketing makes sure that your audience is specifically targeted to be redirected to your landing pages. This ensures that only targeted customers are the one receiving the ads not someone random.

Flexible budget – Using remarketing techniques makes sure that you have complete control of the budget you use, as you can identify certain key factors such as: the number of people to reach, the geographical location, the age group, amongst others.

Retargeting is really a robust marketing technique. Expert Marketer Julia Taine from Digital Marketing Courses uses it with her business. Be the Digital Marketing Superhero you deserve to be, and employ this technique into your Marketing strategy! Enroll in our digital marketing courses to learn more.

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