One of the key factors in achieving success as an is being organised. Especially in today’s world of digital marketing when everything must be done, NOW, NOW, NOW! Procrastination is the greatest devil when managing the latest trends of the business world.

Business blogs can prove difficult as a lead generation tool, if you are not very careful about them. If you want to stay ahead, you have to stay updated with all the industry events in advance and be aware of everything that affects your readers. This emerges the necessity for a comprehensive content calendar. This is nothing but a calendar that contains the details of all the contents that a business will produce over a given period.


An effective content calendar saves you immense time and energy and keeps you organised throughout your hectic workday. What’s more important is that it keeps your write-ups relevant for your readers by preventing stagnating and repetitive content formation. Below are some of the necessary steps to creating a great content calendar.

  • Come Up With Contents Fitting Your Brand Persona – In order to make your presence felt you must have an online brand persona whether this be cheeky, fun or serious. Make sure your brand persona is reflected in your content.
  • Set Up Your Planner For Up To Six Months – Try to schedule content in your content calendar for social media and blogs as much in advance as possible, and with time you can enhance them further. Big events like product launches, interviews, and press releases can be scheduled as soon as you lock down the dates.
  • Test the Content Before Adding to Your Calendar – See to it that your contents match your brand persona and that it is interesting and engaging. Your content is more likely to be shared and gain likes on the social media if it is relevant to your target audience.
  • Keep Yourself Updated – Do not rely on the calendar entirely. Check up with current trends and try to pull new stories. Watch your content analytics and keep an eye on your competitors for new strategies.

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